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David’s book is full everything you could ever want to read and know about whether it be of mystical, biblical, love, and his own experiences that are truly out of this world yet right here on earth, or is it. It’s a must read!
Rikki Henton, Loving Mother
This book is going to WOW your imagination.  You're going to learn about how the universe got here, how the mark of the beast actually works, and also what's coming next so you can play your moves in advance, and even PROFIT from knowing what's going on!  It's so EXCITING it's RIDICULOUS!
Messiah Ben David
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The only question you should be asking at this point, is "How Do I Get The Book?" - well this short video is going to give you a STEP BY STEP walk through of EXACTLY what you're going to experience, why, and how to proceed to the next step!
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