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...And After That Point, I Was Ridiculed, Cast Out, And Proverbially Stoned By My Enemies, Until I Discovered The SECRET That Led To The Pre-Launch Of The Kingdom Of Elohim... And Thousands Of People Unifying Behind The Message Of The BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB And The VISION Of Hope, FREEDOM, And PROSPERITY FOR ALL!
From The Desk Of King David :
3/28/2019 at 4:55 PM
Saint George, Utah
Dear Intelligent, Wise Beyond Your Days Reader,

I want to do my best to describe to you what happened to me, and I hope that as you're reading, you're not thinking I'm saying "look what I have done" I hope that you're hearing me say "all of this (good and bad) is possible for you, so let us embrace the good, and forget the bad together now."

So it all started when I was 19 years old, and I was headed to go on a Mission for a Christian Church that I'm a member of, and I'm not going to tell you the whole story because it's in the letter, which you'll be able to read in just a few minutes, after you click "Continue with Facebook" to "Our Vision" ...where you can read about how we're going to Feed Every Starving Child In The World By September 15th, 2024!

Anyways, after the "Majestic Experience" that happened in the temple which you'll read about in the letter, which you can read in just 3 more posts, I was filled with love, and with grace, and suddenly had newfound powers - I called them "Super Spirit Powers."  And for the next 2 years I ran around town talking to people, and giving them a Secret Book and talking to them about the Savior Jesus... then in 2002, I came home.

And what did I do then?

Well,  I joined a company called "Amway" (which I'm not in now, to be clear.  You may know someone who is in it, or perhaps was) and I started to learn about the Art of Social Franchising, which is taking a product to the marketplace on a person to person basis, and building a product sales army through social media, networking, and direct response advertising.

Well in Amway, I didn't learn about Direct Response Marketing, and I definitely didn't learn too much about enlightenment.  What I learned is how to pitch my family and friends, and chase away all of my neighbors (to where they wouldn't want to talk to me again).

So I quit that company (Great Company btw.  Learned a lot and am thankful) and I kept joining one Social Franchising Company after another trying to learn the SECRET to getting commissions on auto-pilot, whether I worked or not.

Well, eventually my results skyrocketed, in 2009 - when I was so broke I was living in a Green 1996 Dodge Caravan.  Read about the Van Down By The River in the Letter, IN JUST 3 MORE BLOG POSTS... Click "Continue with Facebook" below to continue to learn about "Our Vision" and how we're going to help you make "Scrooge McDuck Level Cash...":

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So a few months later I was making like $30,000 a month online, only MOST OF IT wasn't from Social Franchising, it was from ACTUALLY JUST SELLING THE PRODUCTS!

YEP, I discovered a SECRET WAY TO BUILD MY BUSINESS that was based in REAL CUSTOMERS for my products and/or services that people LOVED to buy, and wanted regardless of whether I was involved with it or not.

I did this by discovering a SECRET SYSTEM, which you'll read about in a minute in the letter, which enabled me to setup my business with my new system on Auto-Pilot, and it would produce leads, sales, and commissions on autopilot, whether I worked or not.

Now it wasn't just me making money.  I also had a few years later HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE who had made over $250,000.  The riches came FAST... and (of course)... I let it get to my head, and the pride of my heart broke apart my spiritual heart energy, and my power.

And then what happened?  My businesses didn't do so well after that point, and eventually I closed them after I had a major spiritual awakening on May 20th, 2017 in Puerto Rico that led to my biological immortality (which you will read about in the letter, which you can read about in just 3 more steps. )

Well, the story continues, and at this point, let me get a little bit more specific on what happened.  On approximately May 23rd, 2017.  I had an experience that led to my consciousness breaking through the Seal on the Universe, which enabled me to project my thoughts backwards and forwards through time, to observe the various incarnations, species, and life that exists in the Universe, as well as the purpose of its existence, the beginning thereof, and the end thereof.  Close to this time, I remembered my true identity in the Spiritual Universe, which you will read about in my new book, which is called:

"The Great Tribulation Scientifically Explained By King David"

A couple months later I'm hanging out with my brother Jonny (at this point, I had lost everything from my pride and general reactions from my friends that I was close with at the time, who, like how the friends and hometown of Jesus - rejected my message) and anyways, so I am there, previous millionaire... broke, homeless, and alone.

Have you ever been there?  Maybe not the millionaire bit, but maybe you had a great job, a great business, or "whatever" and lost it all, and were broke, alone, and perhaps even homeless.

As I shared my message, the persecution in the early days increased, and I could not figure out WHY.  And then one day I remembered when I got started in the Green, 1996 Dodge Caravan... and I REMEMBERED the discovery that I made that when you build a system, it is like the Field of Dreams... the PEOPLE WILL COME.

And I began building my System, which God told me to name "The Kingdom Of Elohim" because this Ministry is prophesied about in the Books of Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, and others, and it is even prophesied about by Jesus himself, as he was instructing us to pray that the Kingdom of Elohim would come ("Elohim" is the Hebrew word for "God")... and this System has ONE MAJOR PURPOSE:

To bring to pass the fulfillment of the words of Isaiah the Prophet, where he said:

"And the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea."

See, what most people don't understand is that "knowledge" of the LORD is Old Revelation, mixed with your PERSONAL REVELATION.  The world is not designed to spiritually increase in wisdom and knowledge without the Prophet, and the Prophetess.  

If you are from another system of faith, think about a Prophet like a spiritual leader that receives information from his higher power, and that information never contradicts any previous revelation.  Elohim is not limited to the writings of the Bible, and he is not limited to the works of the Christians, and he is not limited to the worlds of the Buddhist, or the people of Islam, and the Koran.  Elohim is almighty, and unlimited in his wisdom, might, and power.  

So in other words, I started receiving revelation and knowledge in the same manner that the ancient Patriarchs used to, as my Spiritual Awakening allowed me to see the true universe, and commune with Elohim on a more direct, interpersonal level.

And I began building my system, to build my ministry, to build YOUR MINISTRY, to build YOUR SYSTEM, to create YOUR DREAM LIFE... all ROLLED INTO ONE, with the SINGLE PURPOSE to help you create the life that you want, while we restore the Earth, and eventually the Universe to its Edenic, Celestial State of peace, prosperity, love, blessing, honor, power, and glory for you, for me... for ALL OF HUMANITY!

And How Are We Going To Do This Now?

Knowledge that leads to the Enlightenment of ALL OF Humanity Within The Next 5-15 Years... And it all starts with my NEW BOOK... "The Great Tribulation Scientifically Explained By King David."  Here are some of the weird things that you're going to learn in the letter, which talks about my new book:
*  How the anti christ is actually here, and was a guy that was working for me years ago... who had been paid to knock me off!  Well, when he tried to murder me, he could not, because my biology had already formed a complete Sephiroth (the Sephiroth is a Kabbalistic representation of the Tree of Life).

*  However it took me nearly 2 years to regenerate my biology from the attack, which would have killed 10 normal people). 

*  How the universe is actually architected by the IMAGINATION of the Father, and held in place and maintained by our own imaginations... Just like Buddha talked about... and how we can manipulate reality to the will and conformity of our hearts and mind, with the power of the imagination alone.

*  How "The Kingdom Of Elohim" is going to grow as if it were a stone rolling off of a mountain without hands, breaking apart all oppositions and obstacles in its path.

*  And many, many weird concepts and stories that YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE... when you "Read The Letter In Just 3 More Simple Steps."

Plus, by Deciding To "Read The Letter Now" you're also going to learn:
  • How you can PROFIT from the Pre Launch of the "Kingdom Of Elohim" and potentially make more money than rich Pastors like TD Jakes, and even those FAMOUS RABBI'S we've all heard about.  (Side note:  The Rabbi's are hard to beat.)
  •  How you can PROTECT YOUR FAMILY from the Great Tribulation and the works of the anti christ and his evil minions, and survive, thrive... AND EVEN PROFIT from knowing the market changes in ADVANCE... Before anyone else does!
  •  How you can be a part of a GROWING COMMUNITY that is going to fill the world, that is not connected to any particular church or religion, yet walks in Grace, and follows the Torah together.  In other words:  Christians, you are welcome.  Buddhists, you are welcome.  The Nation of Islam, you are welcome.  Hare Krishna's... you are welcome!  We accept EVERYONE who wants to learn as a part of our community here at The Kingdom Of Elohim.
  •  Plus much, much more. 

Then we launched, and our growth started to take off.  People were buying the books hand over fist, in droves, from all over the United States... and we made a plan to launch to other Countries, and we brought the message of peace, love, and prosperity for all to the whole world...

Now it's time for the FUTURE.  What are we going to do now?  Well, now that you've learned a little bit about how the Kingdom of Elohim got started, it's time to learn WHERE WE ARE GOING TO GO TOGETHER, AND THEN HOW WE ARE GOING TO GET HERE.  

So click below now to continue with Facebook to "Our Vision"... and 'OF COURSE' make sure to Read The Letter In Just 3 More Steps!
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David Wood
Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…” 

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P.P.S. I find that the most intelligent people out there like reading my writing, so you getting this far means something special about you. It means that you’re the kind of person who cares about your future, cares about your business, cares about your friends and your family, and makes GREAT DECISIONS.  

P.P.P.S. If you liked the ‘wild stories’ I tell in the letter, then you’ll LOVE the book, which contains the ‘WILDEST’ information you’ve ever heard in your life, and even exposes the true nature of the Universe.  Remember, you can read it in just 3 more steps.  Right now click the button that says "Continue with Facebook to Our Vision" and let me share with you how we're going to feed every starving child in the world by September 15th, 2024!
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David’s book is full everything you could ever want to read and know about whether it be of mystical, biblical, love, and his own experiences that are truly out of this world yet right here on earth, or is it. It’s a must read!- Rikki Henton
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