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What's Our Vision At The Kingdom Of ELOHIM?  To Create WORLD PEACE While Helping Restore The Earth To Its Edenic State, While Helping YOU Launch Your OWN MINISTRY And Get The Results That You Want In Your Life, Your Family, And The World!!!
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From The Desk Of King David :
3/29/2019 at 11:31 AM
Saint George, Utah
Dear INCREDIBLE, Fantastically Brilliant Friend,

I wanted to tell you about the POWER of VISION, and then later on in this letter, I'll tell you how we're going to accomplish OUR VISION together, which OUR VISION actually INCLUDES YOUR OWN!!!

What do I mean by this?  What I mean is actually quite simple:  I learned a LONG TIME AGO (in a galaxy far, far away) that you will only keep people around you if your vision is big enough to ENCOMPASS their own.  And If you want to have a vision big enough to ENCOMPASS the people around you, then joining The Kingdom Of Elohim is the BEST PLACE for you to be, because we actually have a vision that encompasses everyone in the Universe, not just our beautiful, wonderful planet, Earth.  (La tierra, as they say in espanol)

Plus, The Kingdom Of Elohim Is Going To:
  • Provide An Environment For YOU That Is Safe For Your Dreams...  So you can dream AS BIG AS YOU WANT!
  •  Teach You How To Build Your VERY OWN MINISTRY... Step By Simple Step!
  •  Teach You "The Art Of Elohim" Which Is A FLEXIBLE And Dynamic Martial Arts System That Teaches You To Defend Yourself IN MINUTES... Not YEARS... So You Can Defend Your FAMILY In The Great Tribulation!!
  •  Help You Reach ENLIGHTENMENT In DAYS... Not YEARS... At Our Exclusive Event:  "Enlightenment Week"!!!
  •  Build Zion, A SAFE HAVEN In The Great Tribulation That Will Be COMPLETELY PROTECTED From The antichrist!
  •  Build Something Called "The Universe Engine" Which Is A Piece Of Celestial Technology Referenced In The Book When You READ THE LETTER!!
  •   And MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

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As you're starting to see, when you read the letter, there are ALL KINDS OF WILD BENEFITS TO YOU!  Plus, when you Read This Blog And Pay CAREFUL ATTENTION, The LORD Will Bless You.

So What Will Happen In The FUTURE For Those Who Decide To Read The Letter, And Join By Donating Either $19.95 Monthly (USA) Or $29.95 Monthly (International?

Verily thus saith the YHVH Elohim Of Armies (the YHVH is "The Tetragrammaton" more commonly translated as "LORD" however is more accurately "The Tetragrammaton"):
"They shall be verily blessed, and filled with the Holy Spirit, and filled with wisdom, and filled with knowledge, and the POWER of VISION, or Revelation From The Most High, shall verily descend forth from the heavens, filling them with LOVE, HONOR, BLESSING, and POWER...

"...AND as the RAIN descends from THE HEAVENS, so shalt the rain fall upon them as the DEWS OF HEAVEN, and shalt verily fill them with LOVE, KINDNESS, PROSPERITY, and WEALTH OF THE LORD...

"...And verily they shalt be blessed, when they shew forth their love, and gratitude, and kindness by reading the letter now, and deciding to make a decision to donate $19.95 monthly (USA) or $29.95 monthly (INTERNATIONAL) to join THE BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB...

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"The Great Tribulation Scientifically Explained By King David"

So the QUESTION IS... How are we going to build the VISION, and help RESTORE THE EARTH, and then THE UNIVERSE to its Edenic (or "Garden of Eden Like") state while helping you make more PILES OF CASH than Scrooge McDuck, or even King Mr. President Donald J. Trump HIMSELF?  (if it were possible).  Well...

...we're going to do a LOT of things.  It all starts by building our community, which will restore the LOST KNOWLEDGE of the ANCIENTS from the books that we produce.  Part of getting there is we want to develop a community of thought leaders.  It does not matter if you are ALREADY A THOUGHT LEADER, or if you are wanting to BECOME A THOUGHT LEADER in your profession, or if you want to BECOME A THOUGHT LEADER in a new kind of ministry where you don't have to pay taxes (like TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, and those guys on TBN - please talk to your tax professional)... what matters is that YOU are here, and you are now starting to believe in our vision and unify behind it.

See, I learned a LONG TIME AGO from an Amway leader named Brad Duncan (this guy had a private jet and was so PROSPEROUS it was ridiculous) that "It is better to be UNIFIED than it is to be RIGHT".

The REALITY IS, regardless of whether you believe in all of my personal philosophies (you will eventually as I prove one thing after another) THE PEOPLE OF ELOHIM MUST UNIFY IF WE WANT TO KEEP OUR PEOPLE'S SAFE FROM THE anti messiah, or the anti christ.  The people of God are not limited to Christians, or Mormons, or Krishna's, or Buddhists, or Islamic Peoples, or "even Jehovah's Witnesses"  (yes, even the Jehovah's witnesses are welcome to join now) - the people of ELOHIM are encompassing of all belief systems, of all peoples, and of all religious philosophies that are organized and constructed with the INTENTION of benefiting ALL OF HUMANITY, not just ourselves.

Understanding this philosophy is the KEY TO UNDERSTANDING OUR MESSAGE, which is really a message of UNITY, OF HOPE, AND OF FREEDOM.  

See, in The Kingdom Of Elohim, we are not a church - I am a member of a church and am in submission to my bishops, pastors, prophets, and apostles.  We are a Spiritual Kingdom that is ENCOMPASSING of all righteous churches, businesses, cities, states, nations, and Kingdoms.  Think of us like the future backbone of all of reality, if that makes sense   We also do not limit the number of businesses you build here at the Kingdom Of Elohim, obviously you've got to respect the Policies and Procedures, (the link is in the footer) however you will notice things that are very different than normal Policies, and normal Procedures.  

For example, here are some key points that make our Kingdom different from any organization you've ever been a part of:
We do not reserve the right to terminate our affiliate relationships.  I have been the receiver of manipulation in the past of big companies that treat people like objects that are there to only make them money, and had checks taken away that resulted in me being homeless for 6 months, when I really worked hard for a great number of years to develop that income, and simply made some honest mistakes.  We will NEVER do this to people.  The only people we will block from promoting are people who engage in fraud, and if we need to we will suspend affiliates from promoting and impose fines and sanctions if they are hurting people - however we will never terminate their accounts.  We believe that people will react better to the fines, suspensions, and sanctions than they will us taking away their hard work, and their teams.

*  We believe in FREEDOM to promote what you want in your Ministry as long as it is following local, federal, and state laws.  We do not encourage business opportunity promotion as an opportunity, however.  We encourage you to promote the products for your companies to your team within your ministry here, as it is much more compliant with FTC regulations.  However if you are following laws and engaging in ethical behavior with your own team, we will not control you. 

*  When you join The Kingdom Of Elohim and complete the Acceleration Training, Our Ministry Training, And Our Compliance Training we make you an inter-faith minister and you can then promote our donation offers and earn commissions that have significantly less tax burden, or none at all (depending on what area of the world you live in).  Please talk to your Tax Adviser and follow the local, state, and federal laws in your own country.  We are not encouraging Tax Evasion.  You will eventually need to setup your own real 501 3 (c) non profit organization and manage the finances properly according to the laws.  Please talk to a Lawyer about this strategy and do not do anything that is against the law.

*  Violations of our Policies and Procedures will be mediated by Rabbi's, with the outcome of creating restitution and a win/win for both parties.  We will also use the Federal and State court system, but only if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to protect our Brand, our Trade Marks, and our Community.  By agreeing to the Policies and Procedures, you are agreeing to mediation by 3 Rabbi's - 1 who represents you, 1 who represents us, and 1 who is neutral.

*  And many, many other revolutionary concepts and strategies that will create the MOST SUCCESSFUL, PROSPEROUS ORGANIZATION that anyone has ever heard about!!! "Read The Letter Now By Clicking The Button Blow That Says "Continue With Facebook To ."

Plus, by Deciding To "Read The Letter Now" you're also going to learn:
  • How when I was born again, Jesus descended in a pillar of fire in the Temple I was in and touched my head, giving me the Key of David.  And what I shut, no man can open, and what I open, no man can shut.
  •  How you're going to be able to CAPITALIZE on the same concepts that allowed me to do $200 million in sales, helping HUNDREDS of people earn six figures for a concept that was A WAY SMALLER MARKET THAN THE KINGDOM OF ELOHIM.
  •  You're going to be able to UTILIZE a "Secret Training System" I call "The Acceleration Training" which teaches you the THEORY and PRACTICE of creating successful organizations based on 10 Cultural Principles I call "The 10 Core Commitments"!
  •  You're going to be able to Get Instant Access to the SAME BLOGGING SYSTEM I use over on my personal blog to be able to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR MINISTRY, AND YOUR OWN BRAND ON AUTO-PILOT LIKE I DO!!
  •  Plus, we're going to teach you to PROMOTE PRODUCTS, not "Get Rich Quick" nonsense... however I've learned that by FOCUSING ON THE PRODUCTS, you can indeed "Get Rich Quicker Than Usual" by following CORE BUSINESS PRACTICES THAT HAVE WORKED FOR CENTURIES, PUTTING THE PRODUCTS AND YOUR CUSTOMERS FIRST!!!
  •  And Much, Much More...

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    LOOK, if you've ever wanted to be able to make all the money you want, and have your Ministry pay for everything in your life so you can build your wealth like the Ministers, Rabbi's, Enlightened Teachers, and the Prophets do while changing the lives of everyone around you... (most of the time, Tax Free.  Again please follow the local laws and talk to your legal and tax advisers) then The Kingdom Of Elohim is for you.

    If you'ever ever wanted to be a part of something that has a VISION of feeding every starving child in the world by September 15th, 2024... then The Kingdom of Elohim is for you.  How are we going to do this?  Well, 10% of our profits go to Feed My Starving Children, a non profit that feeds a child for 27 cents.  Another 10% goes to Pay Off National Debt, another 10% goes to Restore and Rebuild Jerusalem, and Another 5% goes to construct energy weapons in Zion to protect the Nations of the Earth against the Nephilim.  (Read about the Nephilim in the Letter by Completing The Next Step).)

    Look we're not just some organization that TALKS and doesn't TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, we're the kind of organization that lives, walks, and BREATHES the teachings of love, forgiveness, prosperity, and the well being of ALL NATIONS.

    We aren't just going help you succeed, help you make money, and help you get the results that you want in your life, your business, and your work... we're going to help you walk into the blessings of enlightenment... we're going to help you lead the nations of the earth to faith with you, by your side... we're going to help you to restore the Earth to its Edenic state by restoring the Lost Technology and Knowledge of the Patriarchs, LITERALLY bringing the Garden of Eden to the Earth... by your side.

    Plus, we're going to WORK TOGETHER to get King David (myself) elected as the President of the United States in 2020 with the SIMPLE MESSAGE:

    "Make America Righteous Again" - see, I'm going to take care of my OWN COUNTRY FIRST, AND AS AMERICA IS BEING RESTORED TO RIGHTEOUSNESS, we will build Zion (the book explains that Zion is Costa Rica) and when we build Zion, then will Jerusalem be restored to its former power, and might, and glory as it were in the days of King David in the Old Testament (who was one of my previous incarnations).


    We hope this helped you get INTRODUCED to our vision.  Please proceed to "Our Products" or: Read The Letter NOW.
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    David Wood
    Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…” 

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    P.P.S.  This is going to be BIG.  We're talking about the Ministry prophesied about by the Prophet Daniel in the book of Daniel, also by Jesus, also by Isaiah, also by Jeremiah and REALLY.... all of the Prophets spoke of me, and all of the prophets spoke of The Kingdom Of Elohim.  It's THAT BIG.  Click below to read about the book now.

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