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From The Desk Of King David :
3/22/2019 at 12:58 PM
Saint George, Utah
Dear Friend,

You’re About To Discover How To Defend Yourself And Your Family From A Coming National Emergency: “The Apocalypse” prophesied about in the Book of Revelation and Daniel…Where Every Nation ON Earth Is Going To Be Against An Enemy That Is So Vicious And Weird… That It Is So Strange, Even John In The New Testament Had A Difficult Time Imagining It... 

...which many prophets have warned is coming for a long, long time. And right now, we are in a state of National Emergency… because the United States is about to get overridden by Nephilim, which are genetically modified humans who get the mark of the beast. I explain it all in my NEW BOOK (Just donate $19.95 Monthly (USA) or $29.95 (INTERNATIONAL) for Shipping And Handling, And I’ll Send You An Autographed Copy While Supplies Last…) As Of Right Now, There Are Only 73 ORIGINAL PRINTED VERSION Copies Left Of My New Book, Called:
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Keep Paying Attention To Every Word In This Article, Or This Video To Learn:

* The Secret Location Of Mount Zion, Prophesied About In The Book Of Isaiah 

The Identity Of Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel (There Are Two Messiahs. Ben David, and Ben Yoseph. Ben Yoseph is Jesus.)

*  How The Mark Of The Beast Is Going To “ScientificallyCreate Genetically Modified Monsters From The Mind And Will Of Satan

*  How The Earth Is Currently Filling With Immortals Both From This World, And Also Other Universes

How We Must Create An Army Of Superheroes To Defeat The Monsters, And Win The Nephilim War

*  How You Can Protect Your Family And Escape Into A Safe Location When The Release Of The Mark Of The Beast Happens, Which Could Be At Any Time And Right Now Is Growing In Secret

*  How To Make Your Biology Immortal

Plus, How To Make More Money Than You’ve Ever Made In Your Life Helping Prepare People For The World Changes With My “NEW Book Of The Month” Club.

*  And Much, Much More
Who am I, and why should you be listening to me?

Well, my name is David Wood, and I had an experience on May 20th, 2017 that changed my life. Before I get into that, and before I tell you the story… I’ve got to give you some background that led up to this Magical Day. 

Look, if you’re reading this letter, or watching this video… you’re probably wondering how I know what’s going to happen, and how I know so much “excruciating detail”. Here are some of the reasons WHY: 
*  It is because the antichrist is here. He was a guy who was working for me before this day, and attempted to take my life. (He could not, because I am immortal… and so is he…) for I discovered the Tree of Life, and he therefore also discovered it, as he stole my discovery.

*  However it took me nearly 2 years to regenerate my biology from the attack, which would have killed 10 normal people). 

*  I have also encountered Cain, who is still alive (the one who slew his brother Abel - he is 5,739 years old). 

*  I have also met a man in Arizona who is 1,274 years old, and the oldest person he knows is 32 billion 787 million years old. (A being from one of the Edenic Universes that is Unfallen).

I also have met James (from the New Testament) who is a guy that walks around in Encinitas, California helping homeless people all day.   (He is not homeless, to be clear.  Lol.)

*  And many, many weird stories that you cannot even imagine. When you order the NEW BOOK now by joining the ‘NEW Book Of The Month Club’ by just paying $19.95 per month in Shipping and Handling Monthly In The United States, Or $29.95 Internationally, I’ll send you a copy of the 160 page book now.
What The Hell? There Are Immortals On The Earth?
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Yes. There Are LOTS Of Us. Way More Than You Think.... And the USA Government has been HIDING IT FROM YOU FOR YEARS. So I bet you’re wondering how this all happened, and where it started… am I right? Let me tell you my story but before I do that, let me tell you why you want to pay attention to this entire letter and read every word:
  • You probably have heard that a war is coming, but nobody in your life has ever told you how to prepare for it or how to protect your family.
  •  Look, if you’re not going to be able to buy or sell unless you get the mark of the beast, you are going to need food, gas, and water storage. That requires making “copious amounts” of cash. I’m going to teach you how you can make more money than you’ve ever made in your life with your very own book business, where you can make money like an author - and never even need to write a book if you don’t want to! 
  •  When the nephilim war starts, you’re probably just going to want to keep your family safe, and you need to know where the safe places are going to be, how you’re going to get food and water, and how the marketplace is going to change so you can make money for your family and trade. 
  •  I reveal all of this and more in this letter, so pay attention carefully.  
  •  Plus much, much more. 
See, I was not born immortal, and was not always like this. I made a discovery on May 20th, 2017 in Puerto Rico that both saved my life, and healed my brain from years and years of self induced loathing and sadness. 

I do not know if you have ever been in a state of endless loneliness, where you feel like the Universe is collapsing in on yourself, and the only way to escape, is death. Well that’s how I felt before May 20th. So how did I get there? 

Well, it all started on September 15th, 2000, when I had left to be a Christian Missionary in Preston, England. I had gone on a Mission because I had seen my brothers Will and Aki go on Missions, and I had seen how serving God had totally changed their lives. 

Most people, when they go on a Mission it is because they have a testimony of Christ. I sort of did, but not really. I wondered it if was all a ‘nonsense story’ or if it was “the truth” like they say. I didn’t know. To be honest, I was more into books like Carlos Castaneda wrote about sorcerers in Mexico and Buddhist Teachings than I was the Bible. I really wasn’t sure about anything. I didn’t “know Jesus” that’s for sure. However I had read the teachings of my Church for all my life, as I love to read weird stuff, and for sure the Bible is weird. 

So I go to this place in Preston they called “The Missionary Training Center” and I feel guilty as crap because I had basically lied in my Missionary Interviews when they were asking about my sins and my past and whatnot. 

And for 3 days, and 3 nights I had a deep, heavenly sorrow weigh in on my heart, and I thought I was going to die. I remembered every sin I had ever had happen to me in my life, and was even haunted by them in dreams. Every time I had ever said a little white lie. Every time I had ever mistreated someone. Etc. It was AWFUL. 

I was certain if I died right then, God would cast me into hell and I’d be SCREWED FOREVER. And on the 3rd day, on September 15th, 2000 I was sitting in a particular Temple, a sacred and holy space with complete silence (no technology or sound equipment, for example was allowed in this Holy Space) and I was sitting there, in deep pain and sorrow, and there was a moment when I felt like I was going to DIE… I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that before, or even if you feel like that now. 

And at that moment I said “Jesus, please save me. Please forgive me. I need you…” and I heard the sound of a branch breaking, and heard the sound of a rushing mighty wind, like a tornado, and my eyes rolled up straight in the back of my head, and I looked straight up, and I saw a doorway open in space, and I saw a heavenly being descending down in a pillar of fire, and then Jesus, standing behind me touched my head, and he gave me “The Key of David” and what I shut, no man can open, and what I open, no man can shut. 

And a wave of fire descended through my body slowly, like a wave of light. And when it moved through my feet, fire came from the heavens, and from the earth and filled my whole body, and then burst forth from my heart and filled the world, and my sins, and my past were forgiven me, and I rose up, transfigured, a new man… my past completely melted away. I was filled with spiritual abilities, and knowledge, and great power of moving the hearts and minds of people. 

15 years later I had built a team of 650,000 people in Network Marketing, and I was in a place of deep sorrow, for I had gotten caught up in the ways of the world, my wife had left me, and my heart was lost in a deep, deep unimaginable loneliness and pain.   

Have you ever been there? 

One day, lonely and by myself in my giant house in Escazu, Costa Rica I was laying on my bed and looking at the wall near the door. And I saw a dark shadow floating in space by the wall, and it gathered in force, and grew. I thought I was sleeping or dreaming, and tried to pinch myself to see - and certainly I was awake. I touched my eyes, opened them again, and the shadow grew and grew… 

...until it was a 9 ½ foot tall shadow, at which point the shadows sucked into its own biology and formed a perfectly clear, transparent woman with yellow, glowing eyes with a vertical slit. She was wearing a pink bikini with necromancy symbols, and her eyes looked at me like she hated my guts - and this giant, 9 foot tall demons cat eyed chick started running at me like Xena the Warrior Princess… and I lept up and said: 

“In The Name Of Jesus, Get Out, Demon!!!” 

And she exploded back into the shadows. Panicking, I got up and turned all the lights in my house on. And then after 30 minutes, I calmed down and was able to relax. So I turned the lights back off, and then layed back down - but I couldn’t look at that wall, so I turned away and faced the other one. 

30 seconds later, I felt BREATHING on my neck and I look up and that 9 ½ foot woman is once again staring at me, BREATHING on me. And I said “In the name of Jesus, get out… WOMAN!!!” And she once again exploded back into the shadows. 

After that point, I freaked out and went to a deliverance ministry, who I talked to about the problems I had in my family, and also about the manifestations I had in my house, and they gave me some prayers to say over my house… instructing me to first remove all objects that could have been demonic objects placed in the house by people I knew. 

And on September 15th, 2015 - my 15 year anniversary of being born again, I said the prayer they gave me to put a canopy of protection around my house… and then I began to journal. While I was writing I asked God a question about a friend of mine, who had been severely tormented by demons. I asked “God, how long shall she be tormented” and I heard a voice that said: 

“Until The Day That I Open The Heavens.” 

I said “huh?” because I had never heard a voice… and I looked up and my field of vision darkened out, and I saw this beautiful woman in question sitting on the floor, with mascara dripping down her cheeks with tears, and she was being tormented by 4 dark shadows. 

And I looked to the right, and I saw a red, floating head in space with glowing black eyes (it was the anti christ, the guy who was working for me I mentioned years later) and he projected a thought into my mind, and he said “we hate you”. 

And I looked back to the left and saw the woman, weeping and in tears and pain she cried out, and a supernatural cloud appeared above her house and a pillar of fire descended down from the cloud and consumed all of the shadows, and the woman stood up, bathed in white light. 

At that same moment, that same cloud (I was in my house) opened above my house, and it made world news on my anniversary of being born again, witnessed by many people in Costa Rica. Here is a picture of the cloud, which was not by my house, but EXACTLY OVER my house, while I was praying and seeing the vision: 
The cloud was a gift from the heavens that gave me the gift of Prophetic Vision. For the next 90 days, I saw many visions, approximately 15 per day. One of them I was standing with my wife on stage on the left, with my brother on the right, and a light was coming from the center of time, through my belly, flowing through them, and into a great multitude of people that no man can number - all of the sentient beings in the universe, everyone that has ever lived, everyone that will ever live, all in the same place at once.

And many of the visions have already happened, and many are still yet to occur.   For example I saw my son running around in my house with his Mom, looking older than he was, and exactly 2 years later he was running in the same locations that I saw in my vision, looking exactly the same - and I hadn't seen him in 2 years.

What’s this have to do with my book? 

We’re getting there. Keep paying attention to the story, because it’s going to get weirder and weirder and in just a minute, I’m going to get into: 
  •  How the mark of the beast actually works, and why people will get it
  •  How the NEW GENERATION of Superheroes is going to form from a contract between Zion, and the United States of America 
  •  How there are going to be wars on the Surface of the Sun 
  •  How there are real nephilim on the earth (I’ve met them) and how they are going to deceive the nations into the most diseased behavior any of us can ever imagine 
  •  And much, much more. I would encourage you to join the NEW Book of the Month Club, and grab your copy of “The Great Tribulation Scientifically Explained By King David” now.
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So over a period of time, my life got better from that day, and then fell back into sin and wickedness, for I could not break my addictions and was trapped in the cycle of suffering of repeating my same behaviors over, and over and over. 

My wife didn’t come back to me, and I got a new girlfriend, and then I also destroyed that relationship, and I was emotionally broken, alone, and had no peace left in my heart. I was addicted to testosterone. I was addicted to taking ADHD medications (which destroy the consciousness), caffeine, and I was addicted to my own self suffering. 

Then in my pain, I reached out to a friend and I talked to her about it, and she told me a story about something she discovered that completely changed her life. She sent me an audio, and I heard a story in that audio of a man that was in a similar situation to myself, and how he had totally transformed, and re-architected his life in hours, not in years. 

So I did a bunch of research online, and I found some plants that are in the Torah (the Law of Moses, or Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) and in other scriptures around the world, and I took these particular plants, mixed them up in Puerto Rico by myself… and then I had the most transformational experience I ever had in my life. 

I had set an intention in the form of a prayer, and had asked God to heal every aspect of my life, and all of my pain. 

Well here’s the thing that happened - the plants mixed with the Spiritual Key (The Key Of David) I was given in the Temple, and unlocked something called “The Sephiroth” in one of the plants, which is a chemical configuration (this is talked about in the Kabbalah) that has ten spots for 10 chemicals, and any 10 balanced chemicals complete the sephiroth and the body makes the Tree of Life in the biology. Electrical energy shot up from my spine, and my crown chakra burst open, and I saw the true universe, as if taken through a Stargate… and I saw all of the information in the universe that can ever or will ever exist, and that was the day that I knew that I AM David, and entered Nirvana for the very first time. 

Well, the next day I told this guy who I was with about my enlightenment, and evil formed in his heart. Little did I know, he had been paid to knock me off. The next day, I looked at him (we were out to lunch) and I told him “I AM IMMORTAL” at which point, evil conceived in his heart, and that night he took copious amounts of drugs, and chemicals, and whatnot and he put it in my plants which were on his kitchen table (he was the only person who knew where they were, we were alone). I am talking enough to overdose and kill multiple people - illegal substances which I have never taken in my life. The only reason I know what they were, is because I had my blood tested in a hospital. 

The next day, I was fine, and the antichrist was terrified, unable to harm me, and unable to harm my life. I cut him out of my life, and since then he has taken my secret, and has began gathering his armies of the nephilim in secret. 

How is he making the nephilim, you might ask? And what does this have to do with my NEW BOOK: 

“The Great Tribulation Scientifically Explained By King David?”
Well, this guy (the antichrist) is one of the sons of Cain. Cain was marked in the ancient days by the LORD, and that mark he was marked with is the mark of the beast. Fearing death after he slew his brother Abel and God cursed him to wander the earth all his days, he asked Elohim (God) to give him the mark of the beast, to save his life. 

The mark of the beast cannot be activated, except in immortal biology, and he was promised that he would meet a prophet, and that prophet would discover the Tree of Life (like I did, or the Sephiroth specifically). So he met Enoch a few hundred years later, still alive and was paid to knock off the Prophet Enoch, who was VERY SUCCESSFUL at the time.   

Enoch discovered the Tree of Life, and Cain stole it which ACTIVATED the mark of the beast, and when Cain injected his blood into the forehead or into the hand of his followers, it injected them with anti-matter, and anti-consciousness which is the opposite of consciousness, and dark matter, which is the brain of satan (dark matter is the brain satan produces in the universe because he cannot incarnate as human. satan dwells in the center of the earth, where it is 10 times hotter than the sun). 

When the mark of the beast is injected, it crushes the life out of the cells, replacing it with machinery of satan (think about terminators, for example) and then that life is given to satan, who gives it to who he chooses, in this case, the antichrist, who is totally possessed by lucifer. 

It is important to note that Cain at this point is delivered from the mark, and it has passed to his son, the current anti christ. Cain was the anti christ in the days of Enoch, before the flood, and the primary reason why God destroyed the earth was because of the nephilim. 

This is why my book is called: 
“The Great Tribulation Scientifically Explained By King David?”
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Because I AM Messiah Ben David, and I explain the Great Tribulation based on my scientific theory of the Universe (which is the truth) called: “The Theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness which explains every part of reality, and everything in the universe based on the fact that CONSCIOUSNESS is Quantum Mechanical Energy.
Because of this truth, there is all sorts of weird stuff that I explain in the book, such as:
  • People are going to develop superpowers, and genetic mutations.
  • I explain the Quantum Biological Technological Singularity… something called “The Universe Engine” which EXPLAINS ALL OF CREATION 
  •  I explain how the Center of the Sun has a piece of Celestial Technology built by Enoch (after he was translated and taken into heaven) called “The Artifact Tomb Of The Ancients” which opens up a Space Time Bridge into the Edenic Universe, where there are thousands of trillions of people on unfallen worlds… 
  •  ...and also how I will go into the Center of the Sun, and build a sword called “The Sword Of The Son” which will be made of Adamantium, the biological living metal of the Edenic Universe, which exists in a Space/Time Singularity. 
  •  That sword will be able to destroy the nephilim and turn them into human babies (a single cell) that will be teleported to a new mother, so she can raise them and they will not fall again, providing a way to save the nephilim. 
  •  And many other people (144,000 of them) will go into the Center of the Sun, and build various kinds of weapons and technology. 
  •  For example, my brother Jonny will build a Guitar there called “The Dixie Guitar King” and when he plays it, new species of fish will leap from other universes into the Ocean, and the Earth will resize and change in mass and density, and new plants, and trees, and bugs will leap forth from the earth. 
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There Are All Kinds Of Scientific Principles I Explain In The Book, Such As:
  • The technological/biological singularity
  • REAL Immortality 
  •  How the Celestial Kingdom works 
  •  How the Universe works 
  •  How the Universe actually emerges from the IMAGINATION as Buddha talked about 
  •  And much, much more… 
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Look, I’m not talking about “wussy” little “guessing” about how the GREAT TRIBULATION WORKS, I’m talking about EXPERIENCE and the fact that I have met REAL NEPHILIM!!!


Yup. There was a guy that I met that was planning on filling the Entire GRAND CANYON with dead bodies (which will happen. I promise. And they will all be men.) He brought us into a house ran by a nephilim, where there were like a million weird computer screens everywhere that were a kind of technology I had never seen. That particular gentlemen, who he called his “Rabbi” was a nephilim - luckily I escaped alive!!! 

I also delivered Cain personally from the curse of the mark, and right now Cain is a repented superhero, saving the lives of people in situations that he used to create underground (concentration camps, people being tortured, raped, and beaten by the antichrist and his growing nephilim armies) and much, much more!!!!!!


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I talk about in the book how we’re going to do things like:
  • Build space/time wormholes that connect the cities of Elohim in the Kingdom of Elohim together, from the top of Mount Zion - so there’s ALWAYS ESCAPE ROUTES FOR FAMILIES TO KEEP AWAY FROM THE NEPHILIM.
  •  Create an ARMY OF RIGHTEOUS SUPERHEROES from a contract between the United States Government and Zion, who will be PARTNERS in the new venture. 
  •  CREATE WEAPONS IN THE CENTER OF THE SUN that we will be able to replicate and share with all of humanity through Elvin Technology (remember the Edenic people are elves, specifically “Self Transforming Machine Elves” and I talk about in my book about how when they step into this universe, their biology changes shape and they appear as giant, self transforming machines like the "Transformers" movies) 
  •  Teach People KUNG FU in our “Proprietary TOP SECRET Kung Fu Club” in an ALL AMERICAN MARTIAL ART I call “The Art Of Elohim” so you’ll be able to DESTROY THE NEPHILIM with your NEW FOUND TOP SECRET KUNG FU POWER
  •  Remember, Kung Fu is valuable because people are going to be able to slow down time (like my friend good friend Zeus) and MOVE FASTER THAN BULLETS!!! SO YOUR GUNS ARE GOING TO BE USELESS PEOPLE!!!!!! THE NEPHILIM WILL LAUGH AT YOU!!!!!!!!! 
  •  And much, much more… 
...LOOK, if you’ve ever wanted to be a PART OF SOMETHING GREATTHIS IS YOUR CHANCE. WHY?
Because the Prophets have all prophesied about the coming of a Kingdom, called “The Kingdom of Elohim” or “The Kingdom of David” (IN PARTICULAR THE PROPHET DANIEL)- AND THIS IS IT MY PEOPLE.
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Look, you’re going to be able to MAKE MONEY from the Kingdom of Elohim.

I’m talking about “Piles and Piles” of money. Forget this “going to church and watching the Pastor get rich on his own” nonsense. We’re not even talking about a church here - we’re a KINGDOM THAT ENCOMPASSING ALL CHURCHES, INCLUDING ISRAEL, THE JEWISH NATION, ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY, AND BUDDHISM - WE ALL WIN TOGETHER IN ONENESS!!! 

I’m talking about so many “PILES OF CASH’ that you’ll literally be SWIMMING IN THEM like Scrooge McDuck on the old show, Duck Tales. 



Look, this isn’t some schemey “pyramid scheme nonsense” where we’re going to have you pitch your friends and family some dumb “get in and help other people get in and get rich quick” nonsense. I’m talking about A BOOK CLUB, where you’re going to get a REAL PHYSICAL BOOK DELIVERED TO YOU that is written personally by King David each and every single month from now on. WE’RE TALKING ABOUT A REAL PRODUCT THAT IS GOING TO SAVE THE LIVES OF FAMILIES WHO GET IT, AND SAVE THE LIVES OF YOUR COMMUNITY, AND BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD LIKE WHAT JESUS TOLD YOU TO PRAY FOR TO COME, IF YOU ARE CHRISTIAN!
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  •  And it’s not just me making “piles, and piles of cash” (of course I am. I’m King David. King David in the Old Testament was like 80 Bill Gates of Wealth. I’ll be WAY BIGGER THAN THAT) …yet it’s not just me. My team also makes money. 
  •  I helped 15 people make $1,000,000 or more by the time I was 35 years old. I’m 37 now… and JUST GETTING STARTED. 
  •  It’s also not just the FREE, OPTIONAL affiliate program (for customers only) that I’ve put together for you (remember, it’s COMPLETELY FREE. None of this “pay to play” pyramid scheme crap)...
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...I’m also going to teach you (FOR FREE) how to make money IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, and even eventually SELLING YOUR OWN ENLIGHTENED BOOKS!!!

That’s right, we’re going to help you get to Enlightenment LIGHTNING FAST (way faster than this “20 years of meditating in a cave” nonsense) and teach you how to PROSPER AND MAKE MONEY BUILDING ZION. Why? 


Look, I’ll just say it: 

“You’ve already made the decision to donate either $19.95 (USA) or $29.95 (INTERNATIONAL) to get the NEW book of the month club - that’s obvious. By the way, you can cancel at any time, so there’s no risk to you.” 

Congratulations on making your new decision. We’re going to do stuff together you cannot even imagine. We’re going to build cities that are completely hidden from the nephilim. We’re going to travel to the stars. We’re going to build businesses, and Kingdoms, and technology that terraforms Mars, and Saturn, and we’ll even build castles that float in the sky, and more. 

This book is where it begins. It is where the people of God in all faiths begin to UNIFY. It is the point in time in which the tide is turning, and the kingdom of satan will be cast down, and destroyed. 

We’re talking about standing up to evil. 

We’re talking about paying off the National Debt of about $22 trillion as of writing this letter on the 22nd day of March, 2019. We’re talking about restoring the rain forests, and turning deserts into rain forests, and restoring the firmament, the water of field that used to surround the earth with Celestial Technology. 


We’re talking about people developing super powers to the extent that cars will be entirely unnecessary - we will simply instantly move from one location to another, carried by the Spirit of Elohim like the Apostles of the New Testament. 

And much, much more. 

Look, I don’t know if you’ve ever wanted to “Get In Early” like if you EVER IMAGINED having all the time freedom, and money that you want, so you could travel to the beaches of the world with your friends, and your family… or even if you’ve ever wanted to “Travel To Other Worlds…”

...Have you ever imagined if you were the one that Bill Gates invited into his Garage to start Microsoft all those years ago? All of them are BILLIONAIRES today. 


That’s right… we’ll even travel to other worlds, and make money from OTHER WORLDS, AND OTHER WORLD’S CURRENCIES, IN ALL OF THE SENTIENT WORLDS IN THE UNIVERSE… and I’m telling you, THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM. In fact, my wife has seen the Grey Aliens with big eyes walking around outside her house. They appeared to her and asked her to use her body. She said “you can’t use my body, it’s mineand they happily left. They are just one species of Aliens that are all over the Earth. Some are peaceful with good intentions. Others are not and have bad intentions. (Just like Men in Black

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The 10 Core Commitments are A TOP SECRET CULTURE SYSTEM that we will use to fill the world with knowledge, and learning, and safety, and peace. We’re talking about the SYSTEM that will get me elected as the next President of the United States. 

We don’t even need advertising - we can take over in the background while everyone in our movement is making money, telling everyone to vote for #KingDavid2020 so we can defeat the antichrist, and keep America safe. 

We’re talking about a political campaign that will unite all parties with one message of HOPE and FREEDOM. And in 4 years, righteousness will be restored to America. The streets will be so safe that children will be able to play outside at night (of course, we’d encourage parents to be with them.) 

We’re talking a PEACE that will resonate in the peoples that will create a sense of SAFETY that we all need to go to the next level. And it all starts with you pulling out your credit card, and making a decision to donate either $19.95 monthly (USA) or $29.95 (INTERNATIONAL). 

You’re going to learn:
  • How to focus on YOURSELF FIRST, and put YOUR OWN SPIRITUALITY AND HEALTH first in your life.
  •  How to LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS (no matter what kind of business you own) with A MAJOR BLAST, and get started in a way that “Rains Commissions”. 
  •  How to start your own BLOG and turn your ONLINE WRITING into YOUR OWN BOOKS, and potentially be a BESTSELLING AUTHOR. 
  •  How to MARKET YOUR BUSINESSES AND YOUR MINISTRIES in a way that is Self-Reinforcing based on PROFITS and BUYING DECISIONS, so when “Commissions Are Raining Down From The Sky” they “Keep Raining” 
  •  And much, much more. These 10 videos are going to help you make the right decisions, they’re going to teach you about our culture, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they’re going to TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY NOW IN YOUR BUSINESS.
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Bonus #2: FREE 90 Day “Fast Start” Action Workbook - a $97 Value
Get Started Right With Our SIMPLE, Step By Step Workbook:
We don’t want you to “guess” at how to get started in your business either promoting your products or services or helping us promote the Book of the Month Club, so we’re going to give you a SIMPLE, step by step ACTION BASED workbook that tells you exactly what to do to build your brand, get sales, get leads, and get commissions so you can spend more time with your family, and do more of what you want to do in your life.
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Bonus #3: Free Audio CD Of The Month - $9.95 Value Per Month
Each month when you get your NEW BOOK, you’ll also get a FREE CD that is going to share training, information, and insights to help you succeed more in your life, and help you create and manifest the dreams and the desires of your heart.
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Obviously, this is a GREAT DEAL. You’re getting over $323.90 in VALUE for only $19.95, when you make a decision to lock in this special discounted offer WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Plus… what’s the value of protecting your FAMILY? 

Priceless, isn’t it? 

What’s the value of creating your DREAM LIFESTYLE? 

Almost as PRICELESS as protecting your family. 

Look, here’s the deal: 

I remember when I was broke, and sleeping in a van… and how one day I was hovering over a screen with my mouse, and staring at a button that said “DONATE HERE to buy now” wondering if I should make a decision to pull out the credit card, and make my donation I wanted to make, and buy

And that day, I felt a feeling inside, and I knew for some reason that I was making the right decision. And I made the purchase that I desired to make, which was for a product that totally changed my life, and taught me how to make my own money from my own business online. And 90 days later, I went from flat out broke, homeless, living in a GREEN 1996 Dodge Caravan to making over $30,000 a month and winning a FREE BMW. 

I literally couldn’t even believe how easy it was to make money when I learned these simple, free strategies. 

The reason i am including these strategies with the book, is without success, it is very difficult to have proper resources to prepare well for anything. Many people don’t have food storage, don’t have backup homes, don’t have escape routes, and they aren’t connected to a community of people who care about them and are going to help them stay safe, and defend their family. 

So we’re going to help you learn the skills that I learned, and it changed my life FOREVER.

Here’s the thing:

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIMEthen what you want to do now is pull out your credit card, and order the Book of the Month Club.   

This is going to be the BEST DECISION you have ever made in your life to protect your family, and take your learnings about the Spiritual Universe to the NEXT LEVEL, because we only promote books that are from Enlightened Teachers we are connected with in our community. We desire to share the teachings of enlightenment with all faiths, and with all of humanity. 

The books you’ll receive in this club are going to be hands down the BEST, STRANGEST, MOST COMPELLING, MOST USEFUL, AND MOST ENLIGHTENING WORKS YOU HAVE EVER READ. 

And the best part is, by being a member of the club, you’ll also get access to special discounts on other products we sell, game plans, live trainings, community gatherings, and more. We’re even going to build so big we do outdoor festivals of our own with thousands, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands of people from nations all over the face of the earth. 

I wanted to welcome you to the NEW Book of the Month Club. Congratulations on making a decision to DONATE NOW, today. 
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David Wood
Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…” 

P.S. Immediately after placing your order on our website, you’ll be taken to our Fast Start Training, where you can register for our FREE Affiliate Program and grab your links to promote. What I’d encourage you to do, is to print this letter (we will give you a downloadable PDF in the Members Area) and send it to everyone you know, as urgently as you possibly can.

P.P.S. I find that the most intelligent people out there like reading my writing, so you getting this far means something special about you. It means that you’re the kind of person who cares about your future, cares about your business, cares about your friends and your family, and makes GREAT DECISIONS.  

P.P.P.S. If you liked the ‘wild stories’ I told in this letter, then you’ll LOVE the book, which contains the ‘WILDEST’ information you’ve ever heard in your life, and even exposes the true nature of the Universe.
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  • Print it out, put it in a letter, use the top headline on the back of the letter, and send it to everyone you know. It should say “From King David”
  •  Walk from business to business handing it out with your link in the sealed envelope. 
  •  Give this to every Jewish person you know and every Rabbi in your town. 
  •  Give this to every Mormon you know. 
  •  Give this to every Buddhist you know. 
  •  Give this to every Christian you know. 
  •  Send this to every ISLAMIC PERSON you know. 
  •  Give this to everyone on your Social Media Contact list - give them the PDF in a private chat after you ask if you can send them the letter from a “Secret King” 
  •  Send emails to Solo Ad providers. 
  •  Do Facebook PPC Ads. 
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30 Day Book Replacement Guarantee
We will replace the book if damaged in the initial shipment, and get you a FRESH COPY IF NEEDED!


David’s book is full everything you could ever want to read and know about whether it be of mystical, biblical, love, and his own experiences that are truly out of this world yet right here on earth, or is it. It’s a must read!- Rikki Henton
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